Farmer’s market suppers are back!

14 06 2010

My favorite thing about summer is having a fridge full of produce.  In winter, I tend to make menus, buy the stuff I need, and go from that.  In summer, I go to the market, buy food, and THEN decide what to eat.  Tonight, after a sleepless night camping in the rain with my daughter’s 4-H group, I wanted something easy.  I tossed together some quinoa, some new potatoes and shelled peas from Summer’s Creek, some hard boiled eggs from South Mountain, a red onion from MOMs (I flash-pickled it: pour boiling water over diced onion and then cover them in vinegar and oil for a bit, until they’re a lovely pink), and a balsamic/olive oil dressing.  It was yummy and easy.  The eggs really pull it all together.