What’s all this, then?

I’m Deana, I was born in 1967.  I live in Braddock Heights, and try to run a home crafting business out of my chaotic studio, run an eco-friendly birthday party business with my college roommate, and still attend to the needs of my family in some way.  I like to eat, but the whole dead critter thing doesn’t really tickle my tastebuds.  I have 3 vegetarian kids and an omnivorous husband, all of whom also like to eat.  We also enjoy checking out the restaurants around town, ‘though not as much as we did when the children were smaller, less hungry, and fewer in number.  So in addition to highly opinionated reviews, I plan to throw in other food tips for shopping or cooking or growing your own.  Hope to see you around.  Eat up!


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23 07 2008
FredRocks.net Darren


I’ve lived in Frederick all my life, but being the heartless meat eater that I am, I never gave much thought to finding good vegetarian food around town. Lately I’ve been dating an out of town vegetarian girl, and have been hard pressed to find new and interesting places for the two of us to go out to eat. Your blog is going to be an absolute life saver. While I’m here, I’d like to suggest that you review the Ethiopian restaurant downtown. Their vegetarian selection is quite good, even to an omnivore like myself.

Thank you again.


23 07 2008

You know, I went there shortly after it opened– BESIDE myself to have Ethiopian in town–and I found it under spiced and over priced. I need to give it another shot. It’s lasted long enough that it must have gotten better. Thanks for coming by!

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