Farmer’s market suppers are back!

14 06 2010

My favorite thing about summer is having a fridge full of produce.  In winter, I tend to make menus, buy the stuff I need, and go from that.  In summer, I go to the market, buy food, and THEN decide what to eat.  Tonight, after a sleepless night camping in the rain with my daughter’s 4-H group, I wanted something easy.  I tossed together some quinoa, some new potatoes and shelled peas from Summer’s Creek, some hard boiled eggs from South Mountain, a red onion from MOMs (I flash-pickled it: pour boiling water over diced onion and then cover them in vinegar and oil for a bit, until they’re a lovely pink), and a balsamic/olive oil dressing.  It was yummy and easy.  The eggs really pull it all together.




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11 10 2013
Jenny F

Hey, are you still out there? I ran across this and would love to connect with another vegetarian who has a sense of humor and an adventurous garden and is probably within walking distance! Rather than giving my contact info here for web crawlers to find, I’ll just say that you can easily find me–I’m the only chiropractor with a Middletown address. (Am actually in Fountaindale, near the Methodist church). –Jenny F

12 10 2013

Hi there! Actually, about a year after I went gluten free, I slowly began eating meat again. Twenty years of vegetarianism–including 3 pregnancies and extended nursing that meant 10 years of my body having to nourish an extra person–kind of wrecked my health. I’m sure it’s possible to be a lifelong vegetarian (after all, whole populations do it!) but I screwed it up and needed meat to regain my health. As I was never an ethical vegetarian–I didn’t eat meat b/c it squicked me out–once I was eating it, I saw no reason to go back. So now I eat moderate amounts of locally, humanely raised meat.

Oh, and I gave up gardening. :O) My soil on this mountain is just wretched and it all washes into Middletown. So I leave gardening to the real farmers and I just tend my chickens and goats. I’m still funny though.

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