Gazette Article Spurs Return to Long-abandoned Blog

11 06 2010

On the off chance that someone actually looks here after the article in the Gazette, I feel like I should post something…

Farmer’s Markets are back!  Woo!  We’re still at the early stages which means a lot of radishes and greens, but I’m chowing on the last of the snow peas.  Hipster Food Dude (that’s what I call one of the Farmer’s Mkt guys.  He informed me that his French radishes were “the bomb.”  They were in fact, like a bomb of spiciness went off in my mouth)  tells me there will be sugar snaps next week.  That was at the N. Frederick market.  He goes to Baughman’s Ln, too.  Baughman’s is still the best, if only b/c Rick Hood of Summer’s Creek is there.  Great guy, great produce, great prices.  AND he has organic chicken feed.

Yes, we have chickens again.  My first chicken attempt only lasted a few months.  I got two hens from the Frederick Fair and boarded them with a friend who had a lot of chickens.  Boarding one’s chickens seems so fancy.  I should have made them little plaid skirts and given them eating disorders.  Anyway, one of them died before I got them home, and I brought my single chicken, Mildred, to live at Two Gables (her coop I made from an old dresser) in April.  She entertained us and gave us an egg a day until September, when  a fox had her for dinner.  A fox in the henhouse really felt so cliched.  We expected more of her.  So I’m building a bigger, hopefully more predator-proof coop out of wood I hauled out of Bulk Trash.  There are ten rapidly-growing chickens in my daughter’s room.  In a guinea pig cage, not just wandering about like it was a little third world country.  Although that’s not far off, really.

It’s the last day of school, which means last day of making school lunches!  Yay yay yay!  Really, that’s my biggest food challenge–variety in lunches.  Becoming gluten intolerant led me on a journey of nutritional study and I’ve come to believe we need to be eating FAR less carby-goodness.  But if I take out sammiches and pastas?  Makes lunch more challenging.  Not that there aren’t still plenty of things to eat, it’s just not as fast.  And I’m pretty lazy.  So my summer journey will be greatly reducing the amount of flours (and not just the usual Evil of white flour–ALL flours) and sugars.  We’ll be Atkins Vegetarians! :O)  I’ll just pack each kid a stick of butter, a couple of carrots, and some salsa for lunch.  Hmm…

For now, I’ll just eat all the strawberries and fresh cream my gullet can hold.  Welcome to any new folks, and I’ll try to be a bit better about the writing.  Next: This year’s garden!




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