Hello, fellow GFers!

18 10 2009

I got a couple of comments on the Gluten Free reveal, so hello to you!  But best of all was Shannon pointing out that Moxie (new bakery on N. Market that I was feeling bitter about not being able to sample) sometimes has GF goodies.  I also hear tell that La Dolce Vita over on Carroll Creek does, too, and even sometimes has GF buns for their sandwiches.  Woo!  I’ve eaten at both Volt and Isabella’s with my new diagnosis and found it easy to dine.  At Volt I was getting the express menu, so I just asked for things w/o bread or croutons or what have you.  no trouble.

This weekend, I was near Berkeley Springs, WV with some friends and we went to Panorama at the Peak Restaurant.  First–the VIEW!  Holy moly.  I live on top of Braddock Mountain and I have a pretty nice view of the Middletown valley from my back porch, but it’s like a view of a brick wall compared to what you see from Panorama.  The menu at this time of year is about 90% local.  Entrees were in the 17-30 dollar range for dinner, but there were sandwiches earlier in the day that looked good.  It’s very cozy (the weather was cold and wet, so that fireplace was welcome) and seemed to be pretty popular.  GF items are clearly labeled, woo!  The food was very good.  Not Volt-good (or, honestly, Isabellas-good), and probably not worth the prices, but a nice treat nonetheless.  I was only feeding myself, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  If I’d had my family along, I’d likely have…well, I”d have left when I saw the prices.  Can’t feed a family of 5 there.  I’d try it again if in the area and either alone or with my husband.

So, fellow shunners of the Evil Gluten–where else to you eat around town?  Not being able to eat Asian foods is KILLING me.  know of anyplace in the DC or B-more area that’s using tamari instead of soy sauce?




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20 10 2009

I forgot to mention that Lucky Corner has a lot of dishes that you can eat. A lot of the noodle dishes are made with rice. You can ask for no soy sauce. And I love the green papaya salad.

20 10 2009

I had no idea I could ask for no soy sauce. this is very welcome news. You are like an Angel of Glad Tidings.

17 11 2009

Hi! We are neighbors – I also live atop Braddock Mountain. A chef friend of mine published this link to a gluten-free recipe a while ago. I have purchased the ingredients but have not yet tried the recipe.

18 11 2009

Bless you! I had that stuff once, ages ago, and had no idea what it was called and so couldn’t find a recipe. Hooray! And howdy, neighbor.

10 03 2010

Hi. I ask for no soy sauce and bring my own tamari. I also suggest to the waiter or owner that having tamari on hand for GF customers could increase business!

26 03 2010

Hi! And a belated welcome to the world of gluten-free. I live in Fairfax, VA, I have a son with gluten intolerance issues. We’re supposed to meet friends we haven’t seen in years for dinner in Frederick in a few weeks. They want to meet downtown. Have you had any success ordering gluten-free in any of the restaurants down there? Are there any specific ones we should take care to avoid? Thanks in advance for your help.

26 03 2010

My guess is that if you warn Volt ahead, they’ll do what you like…of course that’s the highest of our high end. If your son has Celiac-level trouble, I can’t really recommend anything. Isabellas is a terrific tapas place with plenty of offerings that don’t have obvious gluten, but I’ve never really made CERTAIN the food was okay.

27 03 2010

The docs tell us that he does not have celiac, but never did any testing on him until after we started an elimination diet, which I got no assistance with or explanation of either. When we first removed wheat, and then all gluten a few weeks later, he was so improved, that I won’t put him back on a gluten-containing diet, and even at 7, he’s seen enough of a difference that he’s not interested in going back either. Thanks for the suggestions.

8 04 2010

I just went to PF Changs in Columbia before I went to the movies and they have an entire gluten-free menu – it is AWESOME. I feel you pain and wish we has asian food closer to us that is gluten free.

19 05 2010


I write a section for the Frederick Gazette paper called Parent Connection. I am currently writing about raising a vegetarian child. Would you be interested in being interviewed for my article? If so, please email me at abbyhenson@gmail.com

Thank you!

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