Gardening update

23 06 2009

The rain is making my beans grow like crazy.  I went down to thin them and they were a foot high!  And liberally munched on by some nefarious creature…

whatever it is, it doesnt like oregano...

whatever it is, it doesn't like oregano...

Now you know I”m captain organic, but seeing that made me reach for the DDT.  Luckily, we were out.  When I can see the critters, I can pluck them off, but I could find nothing on the leaves.  Well, except bug doots and gaping holes.  So I got some BioNEEM from the Common Market.  It’s “Safer brand”  for what that is worth.  I don’t mind if the plants aren’t pretty, but I do need them to survive to produce beans.

I also thinned them, which seems just mean at this stage.  They’re all half-grown.  It’s like a partial-birth thinning.  But I did it, and I removed the plastic cups and some of the paper ones.  They’re all tall and bean-y:

They’re all supposed to be bush varieties.  Let’s hope that’s true.

Found this little guy while I was weeding:

No coat.  Mustve lost it on Mr.MacGregors fence.

No coat. Must've lost it on Mr.MacGregor's fence.

Cute little bugger.  Better not eat my plants.




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23 06 2009
How cute do you have to be « Squid Ink

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3 07 2009

Such a cute bunny!

21 07 2009

Hi: I am a freelance writer working on an article for the Frederick News Post and was wondering whether you would be interested in being interviewed for it. It will be a back to school piece about what parents with vegetarian children can/do pack in their kids’ lunch boxes. Could you contact me at Thanks! Gabriele McCormick PS If you have other friends who also have vegetarian children, please feel free to have them contact me or pass their info on to me and I will get in touch with them.

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