The Village Green Grill

31 03 2009

I’ve lived in Frederick since July of 95 and I hadn’t ever even gone into The Village Green Grill.  The “Fresh Pitas” sign was always enticing, but it didn’t strike me as a vegetarian sammich place, so I hadn’t gone in.  Plus, well, it’s in kind of an ugly location.  The Giant Eagle there is my grocery store of choice (when I’m not hitting The Common Market and MOMs, of course), but it is just the saddest strip mall.  There’s that empty, trashed building in the middle of the lot that used to be the fabulous and lamented Mongolian Grill.  Dollar General never classes up a joint.  The SuperPets is the most depressing pet store ever.  It’s not a location that inspires me to eat.

Once again, however, Steve and I tried to go out to lunch on a Monday and were confounded by closures, so we ended up giving it a try.  I had the vegetable skewers.  The service was…European, but the waitress told us that the fryer was down and that was slowing everything.  My vegetables were cooked well enough, but I’m always a bit bummed when I get green pepper on my plate. It came on a bed of well-cooked white basmati rice.  There was a wee “greek” salad on the plate as well.  You can tell it’s greek b/c there’s a dice of feta and one black olive.  The pita was, in fact, tasty, but the dish was not one to bring me back.   They have an all-day breakfast menu, but we’re unlikely to abandon our beloved Mountain View for breakfast foods.  The only other veggie options were grilled cheese and salad.

I’m hoping to try the little greek stand that opened in Middletown this week–vegetarian gyros!




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