What does Vietnam smell like?

21 02 2009

According to my war-vet Dad, it smells like cilantro and fish sauce.  What moves a person to name a restaurant Viet Aroma?  And Frederick just got a Greek place with Aroma in the name too, didn’t we?  It just seems to be begging for jokes.  But anyway, the food was good.  And while there was cilantro whiff in the place, mostly it smelled like pho.  Steve is a big pho phan, so he goes there so often that they don’t even take his order, they just bring him what he always orders.  He was surprised to find they even HAD menus.  But I was glad, since soup is seldom a good bet for a vegetarian in a non-veg restaurant.  They had a good selection of vegetarian dishes, I got a coconut curry.  I opened with summer rolls.  I’d asked for them to be meatless, but they came with some manner of critter inside.  I just plucked it out, since I’m not THAT strict about what has touched my food. But it left the roll kind of sad.  An Loi (over on TJ) used to have SUCH good summer rolls.  I miss that place.  The curry was really good, though.  Sweet but not cloying, nice mix of crunchy veg.  Just very lightly steamed, the way I like it.  I had a similar dish at the new Vietnamese place over on Rosemont…cannot recall the name, but it’s in the old 7-11 that was Lillies for a while–and this one was better.  I haven’t been to Lucky Corner in a long time…I should pop back in there.  Now I’m hungry.




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