I think my waistband is getting snug….

17 09 2008

Oh, Fair Week, how I love you.  And how you make me eat.  So, what does a vegetarian eat at a fair in a decidedly rural county?  Let me tell you!

Yesterday, I had pierogies for lunch–You get these buttery wonders at Crabby Patty’s, it’s a small trailer as you head up the food corridor near the Chicken building.  Just past the Root Beer, but on the other side, if I recall correctly….They didn’t have halushki, which broke my heart, but promised to have it by Tuesday. I also had my first Lime Fizz of the season.  I love those guys. For dinner (you don’t eat all your meals at the far?  hmpf.  who knew?), I had a mushroom Gyro at the big Gyro stand just past Crabby Patty’s.  And for the very important sweets portion of my day, I had some funnel cake (from the stand near the front gate.  Who’s is best?  Weigh in!) and a bit of cotton candy (I shared both of those with kids and husband).

Today, I had to go get my beloved halushki (it’s a cabbage and noodle and butter thing.  It is yum) from Crabby Patty.  New discovery this year: Hobby Horse concessions, over near the Milking exhibit, has fried pickles.  Oh yum yum.  I’ve made them before, but I dipped dill chips into a beer batter.  These were spears in a corn dog-type batter.  A bit of salt on top and they were top notch.  This stand also has the deep fried oreos, snickers, and strawberries (topped with whipped cream!), so, you know, I’ll be back.  I have not yet had my apple dumpling with ice cream, but I’m getting to it.

I also popped into the Democrats’ tent.  I was seeing so many McCain stickers I felt the need to slap some Obama on my chest.  They had none.  WTF, people?  They did have some yummy cake, though, so my loyalty is assured.  But seriously, get some stickers.  And not just the Jennifer stickers, okay?

I probably also need a root beer float.  and a gym membership…




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