Family Favorites–Weaver’s

28 08 2008

This is a new family favorite.  Like, we just developed an obsession this weekend.  I’d been there once before, passing through with friends, and remembered it as a nice family-style place with an awesome bakery.  Last weekend, we were headed to Ohiopyle, PA to do some camping, and were going to pass through Hancock, so I timed out trip so that we could lunch at Weaver’s.  It’s on the main street in Hancock (west of Hagerstown, it’s about 45 min- an hour from us, right where 70 hits 68), not a place to dash out for dinner, but a place to remember if you’re headed West.

It’s a total time warp restaurant.  It feels like all restaurants in small towns used to feel–perfectly clean, but a bit shabby, and you’re instantly a regular.  Now, as this IS a vegetarian blog, I must disclose that there is not much on the menu that is critter free.  But you’re here for pie, really, so just soldier on.  The grilled cheese is as good as that at Frederick Memorial, and that–believe it or not–is a supreme compliment.  I’d said I’d almost have another baby to get that grilled cheese.  The french fries are the kind that seems to have a light batter on them and are SUPER crispy.  in other words, the yummy kind.  But again, it doesn’t matter, because you’re here for pie.

On Friday, they were down to apple pie, lemon meringue, coconut creme, and chocolate creme.  We got all but the lemon.  Because who wants that?  Steve, who is a HUGE apple pie fan (but a very picky one) declared it The Best Apple Pie Ever.  Crispy, tart apples of the right quantity, fabulous dense but flaky crust.  The meringues were a marvel.  Four inches tall and perfectly cooked to be dry but not chewy.  The coconut and chocolate parts were equally great.  Pie heaven.  AND apparently there was some sort of hostage situation going down a few roads over.   Dinner and a show!

On the way back through, after camping, we stopped for lunch again.  This time I was so craving vegetables that I got the salad bar.  It was the salad bar one expects in such places, iceberg lettuce and cottage cheese, but there WAS some raw broccoli and cauliflower, so I replenished my stores of fiber and vitamins.  And then had pie.  This time there was “graham cracker pie”  which, as one might surmise, on a graham cracker crust.  It was a vanilla custard topped with that meringue.  Grand.  But I did miss the pastry crust.  On Sunday, the front pastry case was full of cookies and sticky buns and wee carrot cakes, but you know…pie.

So, if you’re passing through Hancock, MD, and you need to gain a couple of pounds, pull of the highway and stretch your legs and your stomach.   And don’t go into the archery or sporting good stores that are right next door…unless you really enjoy some taxidermy.




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