The Wooden Spoon

11 08 2008

Once a year, I have my imaginary friends over to play.  It’s a bunch of women that I met on an old AOL discussion board, back when my 11 year old was a toddler.  We came together out of an interest in Positive Discipline and have stayed together as the kids have aged (and, as it happens, we have too).  Often, when one of us is in a tough spot trying to guide her kids in a non-punitive manner, she will cry out “Wooden Spoon Mama wouldn’t take this shit!”  One year, I gave everyone wee wooden spoons with this slogan printed on them.  This year, I made us a drink.  A good drink can get you past discipline problems almost as well as a book…

The Wooden Spoon

In a blender, place:

1 oz peach liqueur or schnapps

2oz white rum

juice of one lime

handful of mint leaves

one ring of pineapple


If you want it sweeter, you can put a blop of agave nectar in there, too.  I thought it was fine as-is.

blend and serve with one of those great metal straws from 7-11.  It’s super refreshing and cooling.  It has an element of mojito about it, but different.  And the kids loved it when I substitued fresh peaches for the liquors.  I called that the Positive Time Out. :O)  Enjoy!




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