August Cornucopia

11 08 2008

Walking into the Saturday Farmer’s Market in August just makes me happy.  So much food!  And look at all those people!  I like to start on the far side–near South Mountain’s booth–and work my way over.  I’m not sure what farm I hit first, as they had no sign, but the guy behind the counter said that a chef from Volt had just been by.  That bodes well, I think.  Can’t wait to see if they’re offering some critter-free yumminess!

I got a LOT of food.  Beets, greens, lettuces, onions, melon, blackberries, cukes, corn, herbs, beans, potatoes, and more.   I got 25 pounds of tomato seconds for 20 bucks from Summer Creek farm.  They’re organic, so that’s a fantastic deal.  Rick Hood, the owner, said he brings 2 boxes of seconds every week, but if you want to reserve a box, to give him a call at 301-271-9399.  I didn’t get to the box until Sunday, and I only had to throw one small tomato out and cut out one bad place from another.  For “seconds,” they were in great shape and tasted fantastic.

The weather is good, so I’m canning!  We don’t have central air, so the thought of heating up the kitchen in August is usually daunting, but this is the perfect week to can.  I felt like I worked my butt off, but when I think of the shelves and shelves of food my mom used to put up every summer?  I’m a huge wimp.  I got several jars each of dill and sweet pickles,  about 4 pints of salsa, 3 wee jelly jars of pickled roasted jalapenos, 3 quarts plus 2 pints of tomatoes.  Won’t get us through the winter, but it’s still nice to see.




One response

13 08 2008

Beautiful. I don’t can anything besides jam, but you’re making me wish I had more time this season to try something new!

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