New ice cream shop!

28 07 2008

I make it my mission to try all the ice cream shops/stands/parlours in town.  The kids’ school used to be right across the highway from Dairy Queen (ick) and Cold Stone Creamery (pretty good, but too damned expensive) and to put an end to the begging everyday, I just declared Wednesday to be Ice Cream Day.  I’ve since moved it to Friday, but it remains a tradition.  The right to choose the location rotates among the children.  Rita’s remains a favorite when it is open, with Way Cool picking up the slack in the off-season.  Of course, I like to patronize local establishments, but good taste always wins out.  I’ll run down our current opinions and then get to the new place.  Let me know if I’m missing one!

Baskin-Robbins–not worth the bother

Pretzel and Pizza Creations–the owner was mean to my kids several years ago and he is dead to me now.

that place that used to be Calico Creamery on the corner of Church and East–haven’t been in ages, but it was good.  We need to revisit…

Market St. Coffee co.–standard fare

Meadows-YUM!  Many thanks to LizFrog for telling us about this place, I never would have stumbled across it.  There’s a nice little market next door, too.

Bruesters–tasty.  The flavors can be kind of gimmicky, but the texture is nice and dense.  Again, seriously costly to take my 3 kids, though.

that place on East Patrick next to the Dawg Wash–the flavors were new and exciting, but the texture was really grainy.

Way Cool–Real ice cream as softserve.  I like it a lot and just harbor such an affection for Friscos that I encourage going there.  And the fact that I can pick up decent wine for under 10 bucks doesn’t hurt.

Ritas–you love it or you hate it.  I used to L-O-V-E it.  then I went all clean in my eating and it tastes like a chemical dump to me.  But the texture was just sooooo good.  Please someone, find me real soft serve custard.  Other than that place in Harper’s Ferry b/c that’s just too far.

Freeze King–vanilla malteds with extra malt.  I hear they serve other things there, but I’ve no reason to find out.

the Amaco station on the way into MIddletown–Hershey’s ice cream at reasonable prices.  sometimes the machine works for that weird soft serve with teh flavor stripes.  Not to my taste, but the kids dig it.

South Mountain Creamery–I want to like it more than I do and often the smell just kills what enjoyment I could get from it.

Maggie Moos–blech.  The lurid colors make the ice cream disgusting.  And I’m not bothering with the other flavors when my kids are going to pick those nasty poisonous blends and then act like maniacs from the chemicals.

So!  The new place! (’bout damned time)  It’s in the Safeway shopping center on the way into Middletown.  It’s called Jarels, I think?  We were about to go get ice cream at the gas station last Friday when I saw those hallowed words, “ICE CREAM” on the building.  What’s this?  The sign said “Coming soon” when I got closer, and I was bummed, but only for a minute, for then I saw the one below it that said, “Opening today at 5 pm”  It was 4:35.  So we went into Safeway, bought some groceries and trotted in for some ‘scream at 5:02.

They serve Hershey’s, which is good non-premium scoopable fare, but they have 48 flavors.  Now, it may have just been that it was opening day and maybe things weren’t all up and running “right,” but the temp of the ice cream was juuuust right.  Not melting, but beginning to think about it around the edges.  My very favorite way.   I got Peanut Butter Cheesecake Monster, which was very yummy.  Julianna got Red Velvet cake, which was better than Red Velvet cake.   Lily got her old favorite Cotton Candy, which tastes disturbingly like it should.  Ben got Superman which was foul, as all deeply dyed ice creams are.  The space has a bar with stools, which suggests that I should get a malted or an ice cream soda.  They should trade in their baseball hats for paper soda jerk hats, though.  Lots of other seating, too, which I hope is not too optimistic on their part.  It must be hard to open an ice cream shop as summer is wrapping up, but I wish them luck!




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29 07 2008
Dancing Cucumber

In all your searching for the perfect ice cream, have you come across a place making/selling gelato, say within a 25 mile radius of Frederick?

1 08 2008

I’d kill for a good gelateria!

11 08 2008

Yeah, I can’t even remember the last time I encountered real gelato.

31 10 2008
Ice cream update! With coffee rant bonus! « The Frederick Vegetarian

[…] cream update! With coffee rant bonus! 31 10 2008 Last summer, I was going on about ice cream.  In the comments, I was asked if there was Gelato anywhere in town.  At the time, I did not […]

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