Piggyback review: Caballo Viejo

22 07 2008

After reading a review by Fred Foodie, Steve and I decided to go try out Caballo Viejo before going to see “The Dark Knight” (longest movie ever made.  Also: overrated).  We each got an Arepa, a grilled corn cake with a filling.  You choose your basic filling–assorted dead critter or grilled veg–and then there is a little bar of extras like beans, rice, cheese, salsas, etc that you ask them to add.  It was kind of like Chipotle on a corn cake.  I found the corn cake to be a bit much and ended up eating only one side and just eating my filling with a fork.  It was seriously messy.  The vegetables were nicely prepared, though, crispy and fresh.  Not much with the seasoning, though.  Steve got some kinda dead thing in his and said it was pretty good, but he was also underwhelmed by the corn cake.  We agreed that next time, we’d go for a burrito instead.

And there will be a next time because we LOVED the Tequenos.  Holy moly, these were yum.  The menu describes them as “Small fried white cheese sticks wrapped in wheat dough” which makes them sound like fried cheese sticks you’d get at Fridays.  Luckily, we heard the owner (SUCH a nice guy) describe them as “wrapped in puff pastry.”  Yes, please.  They’re served with a dipping sauce of unknown, but likely dairyish origin.  The cheese is deliciously salty queso blanco and the wrapping is totally free of grease.  They are divine.  I want them every day.

We also tried the guacomole after Fred’s rave.  He was spot-on–it’s the best I’ve had in town.  Tastes like homemade, perfectly fresh, spiced just right, and still tasting of avacado.  Our chips were fine, but nothing to write home about.

Steve had horchata, a cinnamon rice milk drink.  I think this one was made with cow milk, though.  Didn’t ask, but it didn’t taste rice-milky to me.  It was too hot for anything but water, by my book.  It was a super hot day and the a/c in the restaurant was not keeping up.  We actually sat outside, hoping for a bit of breeze.

We’ll go back.  I think the kids will like the burritos well enough and will swoon for the tequenos.  I’d like to try the fried yuca next time, and the cilantro-citrus rice.




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