Los Potrillos

20 07 2008

Spurred on by a positive review at Frederick Maryland Online, my family and I (and the in-laws) went to Los Potrillos tonight.  It’s in the shopping center on Rt. 40 with Giant and Burlington Coat Factory.  Lord knows there’s no shortage of Mexican food in Frederick, but this one might jump to the top of our go-to list.  We used to be huge El Paso fans (in the shopping center with the Common Market), but it just hasn’t been as good, cheap, and fast as it used to be.  Plus, the refried beans always tasted lard-y, even though the waiters have sworn there was none within.  Los Potrillos refried beans tasted like…beans!  They had a bit of texture to them, not perfectly baby food smooth, and a good fresh taste.  The rice was really fluffy and subtly flavored–it didn’t just taste of tomato paste and green peppers.  The salsa on the table was spicy and delicious.  I got the Vegetarian Fajitas (the waiter pointed out to me a different dish that was very similar but had “more vegetables.”  I don’t much like summer squash, so I stuck with my choice, but I appreciate that he suggested it) and they were great.  The sides that came with it were fresh and light–perfect summer meal.  My kids all got bean or cheese enchiladas and the enchilada sauce was unlike any other I’ve had–to its benefit.  Quite tasty.  The kids all gobbled them up, exclaiming all the while.  The ominovores at the table were similarly pleased.  The combo platters the kids got were $7.50, my fajitas were $10.99–reasonable, I think.  The place was spotless (which it should be, as it’s spanky new) and the service was very good.  Check it out!




One response

26 09 2008
red poncho bear

thanks for the tip. . .my whole family went and we loved the food and the environment. . .there were 10 of us!

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