I shouldn’t be telling you this…

16 07 2008

I probably should keep this a secret so that you don’t run out and buy them all and leave me waiting for the next shipment.  I’m a giver, though.  I’m just great like that.

Okay, you know the Asian Supermarket?  It’s on W. Patrick Street, just as you leave the Downtown, in that shopping center with Mexicali Cantina.  First: great store.  Owners are super nice, more selection than you could imagine being crammed into such a small space.  And Bubble Tea.  And fresh soft tofu for only 50 cents a block.  Seriously!  My kids eat that stuff like normal children eat candy.  although mine eat candy too (esp. candy from the Asian Supermarket–Hello Kitty Lips!).  Anyway.  I found this wonderful thing back when I’d totally cut out all sweet cookie like things and was looking for something reasonably virtuous that I could add back to my diet.  I found it by accident, having purchased the bag simply b/ there was no way to tell what on earth it was.  The packaging is illustrated with many sorts of beans.  Once I got it home, I saw the little seal that says “Vegetarian health food.  Delicious nutrition. Egg yolk biscuit.”  But when I bought it, I’d only seen the ingredients: brown rice, husked lotus, pearl barley, buckwheat, oatmeal, pea, small red bean, black glutinous rice, corn, egg powder, vegetable oil, sugar, soy sauce powder, glucose.

pei tien 99 biscuits

They most remind me of those wafer cookies with all the layers of ice cream cone like stuff with vanilla creme.  Not quite, but close.  And GOOD.  The owner of the market told me they always have an open bag in the store.  Which may explain why they’re often gone form the shelves.   In two cookies, you get 106 calories, 1g of fat and 3 g of protein.  They’re practically a good for you!  Hooray for Taiwan!




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