I will suffer for pie.

12 07 2008

I braved the gnats and the biting flies that have suddenly appeared at my house–I harvested the raspberries. I have crazy red raspberry canes in the back yard. They are, ostensibly, contained in a fence, but anyone who has raspberries will know that they are merely amused by our sad attempts to tame them. I cut the canes back to about 6 inches in the spring, but they could now hide Brer Rabbit and all his family for 10 generations with no trouble. I was asked earlier this week, “How hard is it to grow raspberries?” I replied that it was harder to NOT grow raspberries. They’re at their peak right now, so I went down and picked about 3 lbs of them. First up–make a pie. My favorite–pictured above–is the recipe for Summer Berry Pie from Baking Illustrated. I’m not going to print it here because you need to just go buy this cookbook. Everything I have made from it has been terrific. It’s by the Cooks Illustrated people, so not only will they tell you what to make, they’ll tell you why. I love those guys. This pie is so light and summery–just perfect for raspberries. And whipped cream (yes, it’s the stuff from a can. First, shut up, it’s tasty. Second, I just ran into the corner store and it was this or half-and-half).




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