Family Favorites: Mountain View Diner

7 07 2008

Seems an odd choice for a self-professed food snob’s first choice for a family fave?  Ah, but you don’t get diners, then, my friend.  There are crap diners, of course, but a good diner is a gift to a town.  We have just such a gift, perched on Rt. 40, across from the Sad Mall.  Okay, it’s not a vegetarian’s paradise, I’ll grant you that– vegans are SOL, for sure–but what we CAN eat, we enjoy enormously.  Breakfast is the best meal, as with any self-respecting diner.  Perfectly cooked eggs (scrambled are never powdered),  seriously fluffy pancakes, and home fries fried extra hard if you ask (and we do).  As for dinner?  There aren’t a lot of choices–although breakfast is always on the menu, and a good omelette is a treat any time– but the spanakoptia is fantastic.  It comes with a wee greek salad and rice and is always way more than I can eat.  Greek-owned diners are often the best, and the greek food at a greek-owned diner is a good bet.  A tip for your carnivore friends–I hear the gyros are terrific, too.  My son often gets the veggie burger.  It’s a standard vegetable-type, not the meat-analog type, dry if you don’t eat it with all the fixin’s.  But the french fries are delish and help distract you from the so-so-ness of the burger.  Ultimate diner test?  Pie.  Mountain View passes with flying colors.  I wake up at night craving their cheesecake and the coconut cream pie is everything you could ask.  My husband takes each kid out for a meal, one-one-one, every weekend.  At least one kid always chooses Mountain View.  When we have out-of-town guests, as often as not, we end up here.  It’s cosy, the food is good, and the price is right.  And leave room for dessert.




2 responses

10 07 2008

Hi Deana,
Nice job on the blog. It’s great to have one with the emphasis on vegetarian eating. 98% of what we eat is vegetarian as well. Actually Michael Pollan’s book got me eating meat again after 17 years. How about vegetarian chinese? We love the Hunan Gormet on 7th street. Not low fat, but very good with a huge vegetarian selection. Look forward to reading more.
Fred Foodie

10 07 2008

Thanks, Eric! Yeah, Michael Pollan’s book made me think about eating meat again, but then it was still skeevy. Yes, Hunan Gourmet is where we go for vegetarian Chinese, too, if we eat in town. My favorite remains The Vegetable Garden in Rockville, though. mmmmm…. For those who’ve been hitting Hunana Gourmet for a while, I found the old owners! They have a multi-Asian restaurant in Thurmont. It’s called Simply Asia and it’s just past the Mountain Gate Restaurant–Chinese, Japanese, and Thai.

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