Let’s eat!

6 07 2008

My kids didn’t have a swim meet this week, so I got to the Baughman’s Lane Farmer’s Market–woo!  I like to start at the far left side, the side where South Mountain Creamery sets up.  I first bought two potted herbs–rosemary, which we all know and love and I didn’t manage to plant at a normal time, and dwarf curry, which I’ve never even heard of.  It smells like curry powder.  I know that curry powder is a mixture of other spices, so I have no idea what this little guy’s deal is, but I love him.  Herb guy said to bring it in over the winter.  Will do.  Over to Glade Link for 3 qts of blueberries.   Then I meandered around, gathering beets, kale, chicory, romaine, onions, potatoes, snow peas, and cucumbers.  Finished up at Scenic View, buying apricots and corn and two kinds of cherries.  Got home and find I’d never actually picked up the cherries. Grr.  I’ll head up to Catoctin Orchard this week and snag some more.

Fresh corn (picked that morning, they told me!) means fire up the grill.  Dinner was my favorite–just piles of fresh, unadorned vegetables.  Summer food at its finest.  Took this pic before the taters were off the grill, so add them in mentally.


Broccoli was the last from my OWN garden.  I’d need a full farm to support us, I think.  I remember back to my dad’s garden–it was such a pain in my rear, all that odious weeding and harvesting–and realize I’d need one the same giant size to be able to have home grown food in the winter.  Um…thank goodness for grocery stores?  I prefer to keep my canning and freezing to whim-inspired, not necessity-driven.




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