Gettin’ pickled

3 07 2008

Oooo, the watermelon pickles are a success!  I’ve made it possible to eat what we would otherwise throw out (and it only added oh…a bag of sugar, a lemon, and some vinegar to the cost of the $13 watermelon)!  I’m an honorary Walton.  They’re crazy sweet, but really tastey.  I’ll do it again.  And you know I have to enter a jar in The Great Frederick Fair, Inc. because winning a ribbon for pickles at the county fair would be just the awesomest thing ever (note I just assume I’d get a ribbon, not even having a idea how these things are judged, given that they don’t even taste them).

pickled watermelon rind

Today, I will venture out to the Middletown farmer’s market.  Stupid swim meets on Saturday mornings are seriously cutting into my Farmer’s Marketing.  Perhaps I will get a less expensive, equally yummy watermelon…




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