Farmer’s Market finds

3 07 2008

Okay, I hit the Middletown market–Thursdays 3-6.  It’s oddly light on food.  Two different wool vendors, which don’t really seem that appealing when the temp is over 90.  There was jewelry, some plants, some other booth I didn’t get to.  I have to wonder how well people do at these things.  I know that when I go, I want to buy fresh produce.  I am not even a bit interested in jewelry or soap.  On the other hand, I love the idea of an Eastern Market-style melange of wares…no pleasing me, I suppose.  I did get some really great blueberries, some fantastic cherries, and some deeply mediocre black raspberries.  Bon Vivant bakery was there with a brioche loaf that went very nicely with the fresh chevre I got from the Caprikorn farms booth.  The man at the booth suggested getting squash blossoms at the Saturday market, stuffing them with the chevre, and deep frying them.  I did that once and it was rather tasty…might be time to do it again.  Oh, and you need to check out that Caprikorn Farms link and go see the goats.  They all have fancy show dog names, which makes me happy.  After a dinner of pesto pasta and goat cheese on brioche, we had angel food cake with fresh berries and cream.  Mmmmm…summer food.




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