Everything but the squeal

1 07 2008

I bought a watermelon at the Common Market today.  It was 69 cents a pound which seemed reasonable.  Apparently, I don’t know my own strength, b/c that thing cost $13.  It was delicious though, tasted just like a watermelon should–which lately hasn’t really been a given.  But thirteen dollars?  Oh, we are eating that whole thing.  The flesh was gobbled in very little time and I’ve started making a pickle of the rind.  I’ve never even eaten a watermelon pickle, but we’ll give it a go.  So far, it’s really pretty…  I felt an odd sense of satisfaction seeing that nothing went to waste but a small pile of the very outer skin–right into the compost bucket.




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11 09 2008
It’s almost Fair time! « Squid Ink

[…] the canner, Andi!), watermelon pickles (I cracked the nice old fair ladies up with my story of the expensive watermelon), sweet pickles, pickled jalepenos, and salsa.  On Saturday, i took in 4 photographs for […]

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