Thai Rice

29 06 2008

The in-laws were in town, so that means dinner out! My father-in-law requested a return trip to Thai Rice on Rt. 40 (the golden mile), in the strip mall with Blockbuster and Clay Oven. Thai Rice has a vegetarian entree section on the menu with 7 entries. Plenty to choose from in the appetizers and rice/noodle section as well. We started with the veggie dumplings at the request of my kids who’d just seen Kung Fu Panda (apparently there are dumplings in it. The other great thing about in-laws is that they take the kids to see movies I have no interest in). These were met with mixed reviews. Ben, who is 8, loved them. Lily and Julianna–5 and 11–didn’t eat theirs. I had about a half of one. The filling, billed as chive, tastes strongly of parsley. The brown sauce to pour over them is sweet and garlicky. I found the whole thing pretty gummy and not really worth letting it take up space in my gullet that would be better filled by the entrees–we ordered pad thai jae, veggie fried rice, panang jae, and kapow jae. Jae, I’m guessing, means tofu, since that’s what was in them. The kids LOVED the fried rice. It was flavorful and full of vegetables, but pretty oily. Lily is nuts for pad thai and chowed down. It was okay, but I wouldn’t order it for myself. Again, the texture was off. Vegans can get both rice and the pad thai without egg. The panang was fried tofu chunks covered in a peanut-coconut sauce, with broccoli on the side. The sauce was very good and well balanced. The broccoli was cooked perfectly, still very crisp. The tofu…was probably out of a big bag of frozen tofu. Meh. I’d much rather have had fresh, soft, steamed tofu. Luckily, it wasn’t actually bad, b/c that tofu also showed up in the other 3 dishes. The kapow was very good with a nice sweet basil sauce. I’d never had it with a variety of vegetables in it–that crisp broccoli, green beans, carrots, cabbage–but it was very good. I could drink a glass of that sauce. Service was great, prices reasonable (about 10 bucks a dish), we’ll be back!




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